WordPress vs Blogger | Merits? Demerits?

Yo Nomads, welcome to this website. In this article, we’re gonna discuss WordPress vs Blogger. Which one is better to start with? is WordPress better than blogger? Is blogger better than WordPress? We’re going to cover the various important merits and demerits of both platforms. The myths and facts and we’re gonna see which is a better platform for whom. So let’s get started with WordPress vs blogger.

WordPress , What is it?

WordPress is a free open source CMS(Content Management platform) released in May 2003. WordPress is a CMS platform written in PHP along with MySQL and maria Database.

WordPress provides you an infrastructure with free theme templates, plugins, and other free CMS services to build your website or blogs for free with ease.

wordpress vs blogger

Usually, WordPress has millions of free plugins and themes (also freemium and premium) to help you click, and create your websites with less effort even if you don’t know how to code.

If we will browse some websites, we will for sure come across a lot of websites created using WordPress. According to some metrics, nearly 37 to 45% of websites over the internet are WordPress-based.

This is, because of the powerful features and services that WordPress is providing with ease of usability and reliability. WordPress is a beginner-friendly and easy to get started platform even though it requires more work to do as compared to blogger.


Blogger is again a very popular platform like WordPress, developed by Pyra Labs, written in Python. Blogger is an American CMS platform that allows you to build your free website of blogs. This website is hosted by Google, with a domain extension “https://Yourwebsitename.blogspot.com“. Although you can buy a premium domain name as well, to make it look just as normal yourwebsitename.com.

wordpress vs blogger

Basically, on the free version, your website name is a subdomain of blogspot.com. Later you can buy that domain to make it the main root domain.

Merits and Demerits: WordPress vs Blogger (Blogspot)

  • WordPress provides many plugins to perform a particular task or a number of preprogrammed tasks and functionalities so that you don’t have to code much. Blogger on the other hand is not much feature frinedly and less flexible. If you have to do some custom customizations and or special functionalities, you have to know python and php.
  • Blogspot has an advantage that you dont have to pay for hosting and other things just you have to pay for the domain name(that too if you want a name without blogspot subdomain). While in wordpress you have to pay for domain and buy hosting from soehwere.
  • In wordpress you can create a number of unlimited pages while with blogger we can only create upto 10 pages.
  • Search engine optimization, SEO . Comparing WordPress and BlogSpot, WordPress offers more options to optimize your blog for search engine where as in BlogSpot you are limited to certain settings.
wordpress better
  • WordPress is already with features like the plugin and a strong community forum support to get support and queries ressolved.
  • WordPress makes it easier to handle a website and add more features and customization enhancements with no or minimal piece of code.

WordPress and blogger both are amazing platforms it just depends on the website types and also upon the knowledge of the person going to develop and run the website. For my Preference, I am comfortable with WordPress.

Comment below which platform you guys like and why?

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