Guide to Facebook Marketing

Hello, my digital warriors here we are with a new article on a quick guide to Facebook marketing. Social media marketing or SMM has now become the fastest and most reliant digital marketing strategy. One of the SMM platforms is Facebook. Yes, apart from just a social media platform Facebook has now become a big hive for digital marketers, brands, and celebs to promote themselves and get more exposure. Here we are going to discuss a brief guide to Facebook marketing strategies, methods, tools, and the right manner and time to do that.

What is Facebook Marketing? Free or Paid?

Facebook, as a social media platform is really a very powerful platform and a global hub where we can find opportunities and brand promotion to billions of customers. Marketing on Facebook is like marketing through any other social media, but Facebook provides you with a huge audience and powerful marketing tools.

Facebook marketing can be free as well as paid. It can be just as simple as sharing your products and services-related posts links and videos to a very analytical process by running ad campaigns and paid promotions with calculated time and budget.

Free methods for marketing on Facebook

There are several great methods to market your products and services on Facebook for free to reach a huge customer outreach.

  • Creating Brand Pages:– This is one of the most common ways that you might know. But this is a great idea and impact on your online presence. Although creating and managing a Facebook page for their brand might be a tedious task for some people. Whether you’re a brand, celebrity, model, or just a blogger who’s seeking promotion and traffic for their website, having a Facebook page for your business is a must.
  • Creating Groups:- Creating Facebook groups might not sound like much, to some people. But Facebook groups can let us reach millions of audiences. Sharing your content among that audience is a great manner to get more traffic and boost your revenue rapidly. Creating a Facebook group for a similar niche can let you connect with similar businesses and this can be a great pathway for new opportunities and even getting more traffic and boost more sales.
  • Join other groups:– Joining other Facebook groups for similar niches and sharing your post links, product links, video or demographic content can lead you to achieve a huge more exposure. Help people in the comments section.

You can use some amazing tools like Canva to create posters for your brand, logos to share in these groups, and pages to market yourself.

Paid Facebook Marketing

Paid Facebook marketing is a method to market your product or service on Facebook by running an Ad campaign. A paid Facebook ad campaign is run for a particular time duration with a daily ad credit budget and runs until the predetermined goal is achieved.

This ad campaign is Facebook AI algorithm controlled and your product, page, or any service is promoted by face until a certain predetermined number of impressions is achieved.

Let’s see below how this stuff actually works. If you have your own brand page on Facebook and you have to promote it on Facebook, below are some of the paid tools by Facebook.

If you’re an admin then you might see a ‘Promote’ Button.

guide to facebook marketing

When you click there you see some of the tools provided by Facebook to run create your ad and run your ad campaign.

It gives you to choice of either promoting a particular post, creating your own customized ad, or running an Automated ad.

If we choose Create New Ad. You can customize the ad and add a description and link images to promote your page or a particular post that has a link embedded in it.

Set up your budget and can add buttons to it.

guide to facebook marketing

So this is how you set up your Facebook ad campaign to promote your page or posts to get more audiences and get more sales or conversions.

There are several other great paid Facebook advertising methods, you can learn about them here.

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