Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Hello guys. In this article, we are going to discuss Digital marketing vs Social media marketing. What is digital marketing? What is Social Media Marketing(SMM)? The basic differences amongst them and the scope of requirement of each of them. Is social media marketing a part of Digital marketing? All of these questions are to be answered below.

So, let’s just discuss further, “Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing”.

Marketing-(Digital marketing vs social media marketing)

Marketing refers to the process of promoting a particular service or product launched by a particular company in order to get the target audience retention and to reach the target sales.

It involves various tactics and strategies followed to promote the product in such a way that a large number of the targetted audience get engaged with it and thus leading to drive more traffic and sales or achieving a particular goal. Marketing can be of different types and may be applied via various mediums and channels.

Digital Marketing

The term Digital Marketing refers to the use of digital technology for marketing a particular product or service. Digital marketing means using electronic means for marketing a particular brand or service to create an influence between audiences.

It is a part of marketing that uses online and digital technologies like mobile, laptop, desktop other digital platforms.

Digital Marketing Strategies

There are a lot of strategies we can use to market something digitally. Usually, the channels are basically internet and digital technologies based. Some of them are:-

  • Blogging and SEO.
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Online Adwords / Paid Advertisments
  • Content Marleting
  • Email Marketing,

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media marketing as the term defines itself is the marketing done through Social Media platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit.

It is a type of internet marketing done by using the power of Social networking websites and apps. Social media marketing now has become very popular, cheap, and best effective.

digital marketing vs social media marketing

The of SMM is to produce content that users will engage with and share with their social network to help a brand get exposure to a huge audience. Moreover, this is the cheapest way to reach the customers and audience directly and even effectively.

SMM(Social media Marketing) is done with sharing links, texts, video clips, making pages groups, or running ad campaigns.

Social media Marketing Strategies

Before running a social media marketing plan we need to make a strategy considering some of the very important key points like platform, content, audience, campaign duration, investment, etc.

  1. Choosing the right Platform:- Before we run any campaign we should choose the rght social media platform that suits our brand or servoce.
  2. Target Audience:- Before posting anytging or running any paid ad campaigns we must plan according to our target audeinece. Is it, youngsters, adults, mid age,etc. Or, Engineers, chefs, teachers, students,etc. According to that we must promote only to that certain parts to target only interested audience which results into conversion.
  3. Campaign duration and investment:- If its a paid campaign, a perfect strategy must be employed to get the desired promotional conversions in a predetermined duration of time . The total investment should also be in bdget and must not be exceeding the profits by that promotion.
  4. Other startegies like Tools, content type, consitency, reliability.

Social media marketing is basically one of the strategies used in digital marketing had digital marketing is a whole template solution for marketing by digital technologies.

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