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About Blogcrates

You’re welcome to the BLOGCRATES

Blogcrates , an online tribe for bloggers and Digital Marketers. We are a community that believes in a new era of Learning and Earning in a more innovative way.

Blogcrates is a platform to help you with practical excellent tips and knowledge for blogging, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

The mission is to help each other who shares a similar eccentric vision for thriving online in blogging or digital marketing fields.

Let’s prove to them all, we were right. We can do it. And just cause we are not sheep of a herd, doesn’t mean we are less than anyone else. Sharing a distinguished vision is never about being right or wrong.

We know what it takes to build an impeccable online presence, reach more audiences, and increase revenue.

Let’s get this straight, we all need money.

Some “Gurus” say just hard work is key to success :/ Don’t do blogging for money :/. Of course, hard work is required, and of course, passion is required too. But a smart consistent strategy is required too.

Let’s make it a smarter way. A career is not just limited to just having an MNC job. Blogging and digital marketing can get you there where you want to be, maybe much more.

Start Getting New Knowledge and Experience, Together!

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